Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon 1L 12 ขวด

10,500 ฿


Bottle Size : 1Liter
Vol / Alc  : 50.5%
Country of Origin : USA
Style : Whisky

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon 1L
Wild Turkey 101 is the high proof brother of the revered Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that dates back to 1869. Wild Turkey 101 is a great bottling for all who like full-flavoured whiskeys with deep complexity and soul. While many competitors distill at higher (and less expensive) proofs and then add water to bring down the proof of their bourbons, Wild Turkey 101 is crafted the old-fashioned way. Wild Turkey comes out of the barrel at about 109, allowing the distiller to add little water and retain the true characteristics of the bourbon flavour. Master Distiller Jimmy Russell likens it to making a great soup; if you cook it longer at a lower temperature, you retain the best flavours.

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