Suntory Toys Classic 70cl (37 )

1,050 ฿


Item Detail
Category: Umeshu & Others
Maker : Suntory
Size : 700 ml

• Alcohol Content: 37%

A light and easy-to-drink whisky.
Enjoy exquisite whisky thatˈs easy on the palate with Suntoryˈs Torys Classic Whisky. Part of Suntoryˈs Torys range, this particular blend combines malt and grain for a smooth well-rounded taste thatˈs simply delicious. Perfect for enjoying straight or on the rocks.

Though similar to Scotch whisky (hence the spelling), Japanese whisky makers have been able to usurp the Scots’ position as the best makers of whisky in recent years despite being relatively new to whisky manufacturing. Japanese whisky is often noted for its balance, smoothness and delicate nature as well as adherence to traditional methods such as the use of coal in fires during the distilling process.

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