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Molinari Sambuca Extra 42% 1L
Molinari Extra is a sweet and strong liqueur, anise-flavoured, prepared with a recipe that the Molinari family will never reveal, made from star anise seeds, sugar, herbs and fine, precious spices. Molinari is a premium product; the “Extra” in the name testifies to the superior quality of our Sambuca.

Flavour : Molinari Sambuca has a sweet and persistent bouquet, with an unmistakable flavour of star anise. The taste is pleasant, warm and full on the palate. Full-flavoured, with a long persistence of anise.

Alcohol by volume [% AbV] : 40

Manufacturerˈs information : Molinari Italia S.P.A., Via Aurelia Nord Km. 75.300, 00053 Civitavecchia -Roma, Italy

Ingredients : Wheat alcohol, sugar, natural flavouring.

Warnings : Please enjoy responsibly

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