Jameson Irish 1Litre 12ขวด

9,200 ฿


Bottle Size : 1Liter
Vol / Alc  : 40%
Country of Origin : Irland
Brand : Jameson
Style : Whisky

Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 litre, 40%
This is the worlds largest selling brand of Irish Whiskey. It is distilled three times for maximum smoothness and purity.Triple distilled and carefully blended for spice and flavor makes for one smooth final whiskey?and the official drink of St. Patrick?s Day. Jameson is similar in its adherence to the single distillery principle to the single malt tradition, but Jameson combines malted barley with unmalted or ?green? barley. The most famous component within Jameson is the ?Pure Pot Still? distilling tradition. The regular Jameson whiskey, the best known and most widely sold product of the house, also has a pronounced pot still character, although its component distillates are younger and generally lighter. It is matured in charred American Oak.

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